Stairway to Imagination

Fostering his love of reading has been one of the best things I have ever done. At 8 years old, he regularly reads two hours a day, many days much more than that. He is an expert on Abraham Lincoln, and loves Davinci’s inventions. He is bright, sensitive, and is a terrific big brother.


For the Photographers:

My 50 1.4 is acting up, so the focus is soft, which really pisses me off. Captured with on camera flash and a Gary Fong Lightshpere.

My most treasured images

When The Big Move took us to this small town, I shut down my business. It was a relief to let it go, and it broke my heart. Now, I am focusing on therapy, and image making for the joy of it. Since I have not taken an image worth celebrating in a bit, I share with you my most treasured images thus far.

Allow me to preface these by saying, not one of them is perfection. Many are soft and OOF, and some are from the beginnings of my photography journey. I love them, flaws and all.