An image a day exercises are so great. I haven’t done one in a long time, so here goes. This is Moxie. Our 8 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback. She is feisty and smart. Clearly, she is also beautiful.

Gear and Deets:                                                                                                                                                                  50mm macro @3.5 — SS 1/125 — ISO 400                                                                                                                                Tethered speedlight, with Gary Fong lightsphere with dome attached camera left, and window light behind for rim lighting.


1) Have her other paw in the frame

2) Have her lower mouth in the frame

3) Reduce shadows to her eye and face ever so slightly


Metamorphosis of the Amethyst

These images show my first attempts at OCF. I was given loads of help from amazing photogs in Facebook groups I am a part of. Their direction and suggestions made me a better artist this week.

Thank you Aaron for all your recommendations. Hearing CC is difficult, but I really took to heart what you had to say and practiced EVERY thing you suggested. Give Aaron a shout out on his FB page, here

Also, a heart felt thank you to Reji, your advice was also essential to taking this simple image to the next level. Check out Reji’s work here


The first shot. As you can see, it isn’t really in focus. There is nothing fantastic about it at all. I used OCF, and lit it from directly above.

My second attempt. This one, I used the advice of Reji, and moved my flash from above to perpendicular to the camera. I changed the position of the jar, because the MAS was distracting. Better, right?

Settings: 50mm compact macro: 200ISO–F5.6–1/125sec


The CC I got from Aaron was that I needed my Fstop much higher, put the camera on a tripod, do mirror lock up, and a delayed shutter to reduce shake

This was my third attempt. I used everything he suggested. Below you can even see my set up. As you can tell, I really struggled with the reflection on the glass, and it affected the sharpness of the image


My fourth and final attempt. I moved my work into my office where the light is much more even, and significantly less glare. The only difference between these two shots was the placement of my flash.

Settings: 50mm compact macro–200ISO–F20–1/15sec


As you can plainly see, the last two images are much stronger. I am so thankful for these photogs taking time out of their days to help me improve. Note, all these images are shot with TTL flash, I am still intimidated with manual flash (The only suggestion given I didn’t have the balls to try)